About Central Coast NSW Medicare Local

The Central Coast NSW Medicare Local (CCNSWML) was formed on 1 July 2012. It is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. Building on the strength of the Central Coast Division of General Practice to include primary health care professionals and community members, it has the responsibility of improving the patient journey through better coordination and integration of services, identifying the health needs and service gaps for local communities, and working in partnership to meet these needs.

The strategic objectives for the Central Coast Medicare Local include:

  • Improving the patient journey through developing integrated and coordinated services
  • Provide support to Clinicians and service providers to improve patient care
  • Identification of the health needs of local areas and development of locally focused and responsive services
  • Facilitation of the implementation and successful performance of primary health care initiatives and Programs
  • Be efficient and accountable with strong governance and effective management

In achieving these objectives the Central Coast Medicare Local will:

  • Engage with government, non government, community and health care providers to identify health service demand, issues and service delivery gaps in our community and develop strategies to integrate improvements across the region
  • Maintain the GP Collaboration Unit effectively bridging barriers between primary health care providers and the Central Coast Local Health District 
  • Conduct an after hours needs assessment to identify gaps in access to after hours services on the Central Coast, and implement plans to address the gaps utilising the available local health infrastructure
  • Conduct a regional population health profile to identify gaps, develop strategies and initiatives for improvement, and develop funding submissions to address these where appropriate
  • Build on and link existing programs to other healthcare providers where appropriate. These will include coordinating and organising local clinical education, and providing clinical governance and business resources and support
  • Raise the awareness of health care services on the Central Coast, including the provision of an on-line health directory
  • Link health care providers through improved electronic health communication
  • Support the implementation of e-health records (over time).

To view the CCNSWML 2014/15 Annual Plan, click here.